Basic =TAO= Forum Rules

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Basic =TAO= Forum Rules

Postby =TAO=FlederMaus! » Sat Feb 12, 2005 3:33 pm

The forums are here for your enjoyment. However, in order to keep things friendly and safe we'd like to list a few rules so major issues do not arrise. Remember, what may be acceptable to you, may be offensive to others. There is a pretty big slice of demographics here- various ages, sexes, races, religions, and political affiliations.

n : rules governing socially acceptable behavior.

No vulgar language, many people post on these forums. Each with different beliefs and values. Please respect that.

Certain subjects can invoke instant hostility with some people.
This includes bashing religions, political parties, personal beliefs, racism,
sexism, agism, etc. Exercise care when starting a post or replying to a post. There's little chance someone is going to change your personal views on any given subject, so why try to change someone elses?

No Inappropriate Avatars, images, photos, and links to potentially offensive sites. What you may find as "art" others might be offended. Please avoid risque' photos and links, (nude, semi-nude, decapitation terrorist sites, etc)

No links to direct downloads. This is important. Is the download safe? What are we downloading? Is this a site that will infect your computer with a bunch of viruses and spyware? We don't know!
If you have ever had a virus or had your computer taken over before, you know the importance of this.

Never post any links to hacking sites. We know they are out there, but we don't want to perpetuate the use of cheats. We don't even want people to just try them because they are curious.
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