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Welcome to =TAO=

Postby =TAO=Vasectomy » Thu Aug 04, 2005 6:27 am

First of all, welcome to the =TAO= forums! Use this section to introduce yourselves and tell us something about you! :)

Some useful information:

Please take a brief moment to read the rules HERE. Please try to abide by the rules, as it will ensure that this community will run smoothly and that you have an enjoyable experience on these forums.

To help us keep the forums streamlined and organized, feel free to use the search function to check if a topic you are about to start has been covered or not, before you post a new topic. Also, please make sure you read the "stickies", these are important threads that have been highlighted by being pinned at the top of each section - they are idenitfied with a Image

Now that you're here you might as well give us a visit in IRC! Information on IRC can be found HERE. We also have a public TeamSpeak channel open as well, click HERE for further info. Feel free to stop by!
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